Why Sleep-Away Camp?

Sleep-away camp offers children opportunities and challenges that enhance their physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. Campers learn how to work better with others, build meaningful relationships and develop their decision-making skills. These skills help promote independence and self-confidence. This can boost children’s self-esteem and give them a better understanding of the responsibilities and challenges associated with leadership and teamwork.

Campers Build Social Skills

At camp, your child can unplug from electronics and join a community that fosters a safe and fun environment.

Campers learn how to work with others to achieve common goals and solve complex problems. Through various activities, campers improve their sharing and listening skills, and acquire the building blocks needed to create and maintain deep and meaningful relationships.

Campers Learn Teamwork

When children attend camp, they learn the benefit of something bigger than themselves: THE TEAM!

Teamwork involves a variety of skills that are especially important for children to possess later in life, including communication, cooperation and compromise.

Working together can also help children develop a greater appreciation for one another’s unique strengths and talents.

Campers Overcome Adversity

Campers are continuously encouraged to move out of their comfort zone and learn to navigate unfamiliar situations (with the help of dedicated and trained staff), giving them the opportunity to grow in ways they never would have if they hadn’t branched out. These experiences help build strength of character, courage and determination, as well as promote independence and maturity.

What Members Have Said*

  • Their child enjoyed the experience: 96% 96%
  • They would recommend their child’s camp to a friend: 94% 94%
  • They would apply for the Anne Shore Sleep-Away Camp Program again: 98% 98%

*Based on summer 2022 survey data.

Want to Learn More?

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To learn more about the benefits of sleep-away camp, please visit the American Camp Association.

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