Why Sleep-Away Camp?

In addition to providing childcare during the months your child is out of school, sleep-away camp will help your child learn how to work with others, build meaningful relationships, accept guidance and develop decision-making skills. All of these life skills promote independence and confidence, creating a foundation that will serve your child and will continue to grow for the rest of his or her life.

Campers Build Social Skills

At camp, your child will join a community that fosters a safe and fun experience.

Campers learn to work with others, from a variety of backgrounds, to achieve common goals. Camp also offers a chance for children to unplug from their phones and electronics and to build meaningful connections with their peers. Campers work together to keep their cabins clean, compete in camp-wide challenges and solve complex problems.

Through this process, children improve their cooperation, sharing and listening skills!

Campers Learn Teamwork

When children attend camp, they learn the benefit of something bigger than themselves: THE TEAM!

Teamwork teaches a variety of skills that will be important for your child later in life, such as communication, compromise and collective effort.

As your child works with other children to accomplish tasks, he or she will grow a greater appreciation of everyone’s unique strengths and talents.

Campers Discover Themselves

Camp provides children with opportunities to try new things and make mistakes in a safe environment. Children at camp can take risks and explore new ideas and interests in a low-risk setting. Sleep-away camp offers experiences that help children grow, strengthen their values, build confidence and develop resiliency for times of adversity.

Campers Learn to Grow Up

Your child’s experiences at camp will nudge them to move out of their comfort zone.

With the help of dedicated and trained staff, encountering an unfamiliar situation at camp can give your child the opportunity to grow in ways they never would have within their comfort zone.

When youth learn to push themselves to grow, they develop an understanding of what it takes to be productive, independent adults.

Campers Learn New Experiences

Whether your child attends a sports camp, fine arts camp, computer camp or a program that offers a little bit of everything, summer camp will teach your child new skills. Sleep-away camp sets up children to try new things, put themselves out there and make decisions to handle challenging situations.

Living in a cabin, cooking food, climbing ropes and overcoming obstacles are life accomplishments that build strength of character, courage and determination.

What Other Members Have Said

  • Their child had a positive experience: 96% 96%
  • Their child made new friends and now gets along better with others: 93% 93%
  • Their child now shows more independence: 92% 92%
  • Their child learned new things, such as resourcefulness: 93% 93%

Want to Learn More?

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To learn more about the benefits of sleep-away camp, please visit the American Camp Association.

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