If you are eligible for a pension benefit and are thinking about retiring, applying for your pension is easy and convenient with our secure online pension application. Just visit our website, www.1199SEIUBenefits.org, and log in to My Account (or create an account if you don’t already have one). Click on the “My Pension” tab, select “Apply for Pension” from the dropdown menu and follow the user-friendly steps provided. You can review and edit your personal information and work history, check out the different pension and beneficiary options, and upload all the documents you’ll need to apply for your pension. The system will also let you know if you’re missing information or need to make corrections on any of the forms you filled out, so you can take care of them right away. The best time to apply for your pension is six months before the date you plan to retire.

Not close to retirement yet, or not sure exactly when you’ll retire? You can still request a pension estimate online through My Account. From the “My Pension” tab, choose “Request & Review Pension Estimate” from the dropdown menu. Then click on the “Request Pension Estimate” button, follow the steps shown and you’re finished!

Meet Your Virtual Pension Counselor!

A defined benefit pension is a unique Benefit for most workers today. For eligible 1199SEIU members, your monthly pension offers additional financial security and peace of mind in your retirement. To better understand your pension benefit and what you need to do to apply for it, you can now view a series of short online videos in which a virtual pension counselor will walk you through the application process.

National Benefit Fund Members

Greater New York Members

If you have any questions about the retirement process, call the Retiree Services Department at (646) 473-8666.

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