Our Featured Members

1199SEIU members just like you share stories of how they gave their health a boost and many times gained a whole new outlook on life.

Do you have a healthy story to share?

We’re always looking for the opportunity to spotlight members who are protecting their health by losing weight, quitting smoking, bringing a chronic condition under control or just improving their lifestyle in general. If you have made positive changes in your health — or are just starting to — we want to hear from you! To share your story with your fellow members in an upcoming issue of For Your Benefit, please contact the Fund at Communications@1199Funds.org.


Althea Elliott of Mount Sinai Beth Israel, our Fall 2017 featured member

Marcella Smart

Marcella Smart credits her benefits with protecting her health, and our wellness workshops with helping her maintain a healthy weight.

Wanda Santiago

After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, Wanda Santiago has lost more than 30 pounds through healthier eating and exercise habits, which is helping keep her condition under control.

Tereza Ubinas-Valle

A medical issue during her second pregnancy motivated Tereza Ubinas-Valle to commit to making her health a top priority—for herself and her growing family.

Althea Elliott of Mount Sinai Beth Israel

For 20 years, Althea Elliott’s comprehensive benefits package has allowed her family to get the healthcare they need while also opening the door for her to further her education, advance her career and become a U.S. citizen.

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