Tykar Williams

Why did Tykar Williams begin his health journey and join WeightWatchers®? Weight loss and pain-free knees have allowed Tykar to fully engage in life.

“I feel more energetic now, so I can spend more time with my kids,” he says. “I can even go to hip-hop concerts as often as I like. It’s great!”

Tykar Williams is a physical therapy technician who’s been with Mount Sinai Health System for over 25 years. He noticed over time that he had put on weight. His casual observation turned to concern last summer, when his primary care physician told him he had prediabetes.

“I wanted to be the best version of myself again and avoid unexpected things sneaking up on me,” Tykar says. Following his doctor’s recommendations, he changed his diet—cutting down on fast food and eating more fruits and salads. Then he started exercising, going to the gym and walking more. It wasn’t long before he began to see results, which he calls life-changing. “When I started losing weight,” he explains, “I felt less pressure on my knees, like I was turning back the clock. I started to look better and feel better.”

Having lost over 50 pounds, I have no intention of looking back. That’s why I joined WeightWatchers through the Benefit Fund’s new partnership—to keep off the weight.

Tykar has lost over 50 pounds and has no intention of looking back. That’s why he joined WeightWatchers through the Benefit Fund’s new partnership. “Having lost that weight, I want to do what I can to keep it off,” he says. He particularly likes the WeightWatchers app, which helps him track his meals using the Points® system. “That system guides me to choose healthy options,” he says. “The meal I’m thinking of may not be worth the points! Plus, it helps me to be more knowledgeable about what I eat.”

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Tykar, Joanne and Salvatore are not alone: More than 4,000 1199SEIU members have joined WeightWatchers since our partnership began. If you’re one of them, will you share your WW story to help motivate other members? Email us at [email protected] and let us know what you like best about your experience so we can share your good news! Of course, to sweeten the pot, we will enter you in a monthly giveaway to win a gift certificate to the WeightWatchers shop!

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