Alice Barnett

WHY is being healthy so important to Alice? Having her mind at ease about her health allows her to have fun with her daughter.

“I enjoy spending time with my daughter—that’s what makes it all worthwhile.”

Alice Barnett is a home health aide with Alliance Homecare, where she enjoys helping clients with daily activities like housekeeping and shopping. “I really love what I do,” she said. “My client is so easy to get along with, I’m very happy to be here to help.”

In addition to her work, Alice’s health is important to her. That’s why she has made sure to have regular checkups for nearly 25 years. “Having health benefits means that if there are issues that need to be addressed, I can see a doctor who will talk with me and advise me on a treatment plan,” she said.

Seeing a doctor became especially important to Alice about eight years ago. She felt feverish and lightheaded. Frightened, her mother called an ambulance. She was taken to a nearby hospital and told her blood pressure was extremely high—180 over 120­—and she was at risk of having a stroke or heart attack. She immediately saw her doctor, who confirmed that she needed treatment. Alice took the advice seriously. “I have a young daughter at home who depends on me,” she recalled thinking. “I have to be healthy to be there for her.”

Her doctor prescribed medication and carefully reviewed its usage with her. He also advised that she could keep her condition under control through healthy eating. Since then, Alice reads the ingredients on everything she buys, checking labels carefully for sodium content. “If I see something has too much salt, I don’t buy it,” she explained.

Alice now enjoys eating plenty of fruits and salads, which she’s used to replace fast food. “I aways try to bring my leftovers with me for lunch,” she said. “That way, I can avoid the unhealthy delis and restaurants near me.”

Having had some success following the plan her doctor gave her, Alice knows that regular follow-up visits are important. Although her blood pressure has improved, her doctor told her she still has work to do. She also believes in the value of regular screenings. “A doctor can help me get precautionary tests, like a mammogram,” Alice explained. “I like the security of knowing that everything else is okay.”

Having her mind at ease about her health allows Alice and her daughter to spend quality time together, including their favorite pastime, catching the latest scary movie at the nearby theater. “I enjoy spending time with my daughter—that’s what makes it all worthwhile,” she says.


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