Your future is bright with an 1199SEIU pension!

It may be difficult to imagine where you’ll be in 10, 20 or even 30 years, but as an 1199SEIU member, you have the security of a defined benefit pension. This is a rare benefit for most workers today, making it a perk you may not give much thought to just yet. It’s hard to appreciate what that means when you’re years away from retirement. But a defined monthly pension offers financial security, peace of mind and freedom when the time to retire comes.

So even if you’re years away from retirement, the 1199SEIU Pension Funds make it easy to take care of “future you” with a step-by-step guide through the pension application process. Whether you want information about your benefit or are looking for concrete details, it’s never too early to ask questions and figure out what your 1199SEIU pension means to you.

Now’s the perfect time to start looking ahead—taking control of your financial future today ensures you’ll have more freedom tomorrow.