Training and Employment Funds help you advance your healthcare career

The Training and Employment Funds (TEF) provide you with education to advance your career. Through TEF, you can use your education benefits to increase your earnings and advance into hundreds of high-demand health careers.

Beginning Your Education Journey

TEF programs prepare you to return to school at various levels of education, including high school and college. Classes focus on reading comprehension, essay writing, math and science. Programs are available to you on test taking, digital literacy and other topics to support entry into college-level work. TEF also partners with the City University of New York and other college campuses to offer three-credit math and English courses.

Health Careers College Core Curriculum (HC4) Program

The Health Careers College Core Curriculum (HC4) Program is a supported program for adult learners with little or no experience in higher education who are pursuing undergraduate degrees in various allied health fields. The HC4 Program works with college partners to enable you to take “core” prerequisite courses required to complete your degree.

College Degree Programs

TEF makes college affordable and offers an array of options to support your success in healthcare degree programs, including associate, bachelor’s, master’s, PhD and professional degrees. There are also special initiatives for high-demand health careers, such as Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Master of Science in Nursing (including for nurse practitioner and other advanced nursing degrees), respiratory therapy, imaging degrees and more.

For more information, call (844) TEF-1199 or visit our Training and Employment Fund page.

What Members Are Saying

[Prep Academy] has been a blessing in plain sight. It has been an opportunity to overcome my past setbacks and rise above the challenges of my early educational experiences. In addition to placing me in a class based on my needs and attainment level, what the College Prep program did was to allow me to dig deep within myself to overcome challenges and set golden expectations.The program also provided encouragement, support and inspiration to me and other students like myself, so we can be prepared for whatever goal we are relentlessly chasing.

Johane Francilus, Admissions Clerk

The HC4 program was a gateway for me with my education. Being an adult learner, I wasn’t sure how I would feel returning to school. HC4 provided a small [classroom] environment which allowed me as a student to shine. Going to school with other people who are in very similar situations also makes the environment more comfortable. The pace is not as fast as going to a traditional college, however, “slow and steady” always wins the race. This is the exact environment that new learners and returning learners benefit from. It really sets you up for success.

Lori Jimenez-Estrada, Licensed Practical Nurse