Healthy eating is a great way to start your wellness journey!

You’ve probably heard the expression “You are what you eat.” It’s true! The foods we put in our bodies help us live longer, fuller lives by building and repairing cells, and a well-balanced diet supports our bodies and minds in so many other ways. Healthy eating builds strong bones and muscles, aids digestion, boosts mood and provides the energy we need to to be there for the people we love. It also strengthens the immune system that can protect us from developing medical conditions such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

Sign up today

Download the WeightWatchers app and sign up for our Premium program, which includes:

  • In-person or virtual workshops with a health coach
  • Meal and activity tracking
  • On-demand fitness and mindfulness videos
  • Access to chat with health coaches 24/7 for unlimited support or to answer questions
  • A social network designed just for 1199SEIU members—join the 1199ers group
  • Lifetime free membership for those who reach their goal weight

The WeightWatchers advantage

Eating a healthy diet can be a challenge, so to support you on your journey, the Benefit Fund has partnered with WeightWatchers to offer you a discounted—or no-cost—membership. Sign up today for the program that can help you reach your goals with meal planning and tracking tools, more than 12,000 nutritious and tasty recipes, and even a special 1199ers-only social network to help you achieve your goals!

Tried WW and left? Come back and try again!

Maybe you checked it out and thought it wasn’t for you or you weren’t ready for it yet. That’s okay. The good news is our partnership with WeightWatchers is ongoing, so you can come back and renew your membership when you are ready. It’s there for you when you need it.

WeightWatchers has so much to offer!

Nutrition made easy—Get meal-planning tools and 12,000-plus recipes.

An award-winning app—Tap into tracking tools, on-demand workouts, meditations, five-minute audio coaching sessions and more.

1199ers Group—Connect with fellow members to share tips, celebrate wins, get wellness advice from WW Coach Ang and work toward your goals with others on the same journey.

When work is stressful, schedules are packed and pizza delivery seems so appealing, go ahead and order!

With WeightWatchers, everything is on the menu. Their Points system helps you develop healthy habits while still making room for the foods you love. Every food and beverage get a point value based on its overall nutritional benefit. Depending on your weight and goals, you get a points budget at the start of each week with daily points along with additional weekly ones to use whenever you want. So, go ahead and order that pizza if you want it. Instead of two slices, maybe eat just one for 9 points, with a large side of grilled vegetables for zero points! You can eat as many zero-point foods as you want, and there are more than 200 zero-point food options available.

Learn more about the WeightWatchers Points system by watching Coach Ang or Coach Gigi in a Benefit Fund-recorded KickerStarter session.

Not ready to join WW yet?

Maybe joining WW is too big a leap for your first step. That’s okay, WW will be here when you are ready for it! In the meantime, you can find our Special Edition of For Your Benefit online that features information and tools you can use to start your health journey.