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“Eating the rainbow helps ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need.”

Abbie Gellman, MS, RD, CDN,
Registered Dietician and Chef Director of the Teaching Kitchen and Culinary Medicine at SBH Health System.

Eat the Rainbow

Different-colored plants are linked to higher levels of specific nutrients and health benefits. So your best bet is to eat fruits and vegetables of different colors every day!

Fresh Produce

Getting more fresh produce in your diet just got a lot easier with this guide to Green Markets throughout New York City.

Coming Soon! WW

Formerly known as Weight Watchers, WW has a new, holistic approach that incorporates strategies to support your weight-loss goals through diet, physical activity, mindset and better sleep methods. Digital, in-person or virtual workshops, plus personal coaching solutions are there for you. Make signing up for WW your New Year’s resolution—the program starts on January 3, 2023!

Meet Yesenia

Yesenia Peña
Patient Financial Advisor, NewYork-Presbyterian

If I eat the right things now, I’ll be able to enjoy my retirement later!

After a battle with thyroid cancer, Yesenia Peña made simple changes to her diet, replacing red meat, pork and white rice with grilled salmon or chicken breast. She soon began losing weight and feeling more energetic and confident. “People see me post pictures of my dinner and ask for my recipe,” she says. “They know it’s important to eat healthy too!” Yesenia’s doctor was happy to learn about the changes and recommended she see a nutritionist as well—which she intends to do. “I want to stay healthy as I grow older. If I eat the right things now, I’ll be able to enjoy my retirement later!”

Say Goodbye to Diabetes

In partnership with the Benefit Fund, Virta Health is offering a diabetes reversal program to members with Type 2 diabetes.

60% of patients who participated in the program experienced diabetes reversal

Using nutritional therapy, coaching, and clinical and prescription management, 60 percent of participants experienced diabetes reversal, and 40 percent are on their way to better management of their condition.