NBF Retirees: One Nationwide Health Plan for All NBF Retirees

Effective January 1, 2020, we are partnering with Aetna to provide all eligible NBF retirees with a new, nationwide 1199SEIU Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan that’s highly rated for quality and service. Among its many benefits, the new 1199SEIU Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan will give you access to a larger nationwide network of physicians and improved quality and service.

Here’s what else you’ll get under the new plan:

  • Medical, hospital and prescription benefits
  • No co-pay for primary care office visits
  • Dental, vision and hearing benefits

What should you expect?

  • The 1199SEIU Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan will replace your current plan. To keep your 1199SEIU retiree health benefits, you must be enrolled in this new plan. But you don’t have to do anything—we’ll enroll you automatically. And in January, you can start enjoying your new, improved coverage.
  • You’ll continue to get your extra 1199SEIU retiree health benefits, like 50 percent Medicare Part B premium reimbursement, burial and life insurance directly from the National Benefit Fund.


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