CVS will be our new prescription benefit provider starting in July!

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CVS caremark

It’s time to get excited! Starting in July, CVS Caremark will replace Express Scripts as our new prescription benefit provider adding CVS to the network of pharmacies you already enjoy. This switch will provide you with more options to make filling your prescriptions easier.

And that’s not all. The prescription programs you’ve come to rely on, like The 90-Day Rx Solution for mail order medications and a full and comprehensive list of preferred brands and generic medications, are here to stay.

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So why is this happening? The switch to CVS Caremark is part of our careful management of your benefit dollars. To ensure that you can continue to get the highest-quality benefits with no out-of-pocket costs, we regularly review our contracts. During a recent review, we found that the CVS program is a better fit for our members and offers an extensive, nationwide network of pharmacies.

This change won’t happen until July 1, but keep an eye on your mail and email for more detailed information, as well as a new Health Benefits ID card.