Dr. Van H. Dunn, Chief Medical Officer, Talks Mind-Body Connection

Physicians and other healthcare professionals have long seen a correlation between physical and mental health. In the past decade or so, numerous studies have confirmed this link and have led to improved treatment options. For example, it’s not uncommon today for doctors to recommend that hypertensive patients improve their diet while also instructing them to practice stress–reduction techniques. We’ve learned that high stress levels alone can trigger a spike in blood pressure and increase the risk of heart disease. Of course, your Benefit Fund has always embraced whole–person care, which is why our Wellness Member Assistance Program offers health fairs, seminars, classes, presentations and workshops at your workplace that address both physical and mental health.

But often, a one-time workshop is not enough. If you’re struggling with stress, depression or other mental health issues and don’t know where to turn for help, there’s Teladoc, our free telehealth service that provides you with support, by phone or video conferencing, in the comfort of your home. Teladoc connects you with a licensed healthcare professional where and when you need it, saving you a trip to an office.

To learn more about Teladoc or to sign up, visit www.1199SEIUBenefits.org/Teladoc. If you’d like more information about upcoming wellness workshops and other resources, visit www.1199SEIUBenefits.org/Wellness or call (646) 473-9200.

Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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