Our New Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Van H. Dunn joined the Benefit Funds as Chief Medical Officer (CMO), effective March 7, 2016. Dr. Dunn brings a wealth of experience to the position—most recently as CMO for MetroPlus Health Plan and as Senior Vice President for medical and professional affairs and CMO at NYC Health + Hospitals (formerly the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation). “I came to the Funds because we put our members first, not dollars and cents,” said Dr. Dunn. “And we are dedicated to keeping our members healthy so that they can lead happy, productive lives.”

Dr. Dunn points to our wide network of participating providers and the attention to detail put into our Preferred Drug List as prime examples of how everything we do is done with our members in mind. “We work with providers who share our mission of keeping our members well,” he said. “They also happen to include some of the best healthcare providers in the nation.”

He is a firm believer that healthcare quality is enhanced when you have a primary care physician. The key is having a doctor with whom you are comfortable going to with any issue, and who takes all of your medical history into account. Dr. Dunn also stressed the value of preventive screenings, because, he explained, “It’s actually a lot easier to keep people healthy than it is to treat them when they’re sick.”

For more on the importance of having a primary care physician, see our Q&A with Dr. Dunn.

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