Give Healthcare Providers Access to Your Medical Information

If you were ever in an accident and couldn’t speak for yourself in an emergency room, wouldn’t it be good to know that the healthcare providers caring for you have your medical information at their fingertips? Now, you can log on to MyAccount to give your consent to allow doctors, nurses and other health professionals to access your medical record through Healthix, a leader in health information exchange services.

Your information—vital information that can save your life—will be available anytime, anywhere you need care. For more information, visit

Why Give Your Consent to Healthix?

  • Improves your quality of care overall
  • Helps avoid repeated tests and labs
  • Reduces chance of drug interactions and allergic reactions
  • Speeds communication among all your doctors and caregivers
  • Improves care coordination

Log on to MyAccount to give consent to Healthix