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Reinstating Member Cost Share for COVID-19-Related Services – Plan B Network Members

During the federal COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE), the Benefit Funds temporarily waived certain cost sharing for COVID-19-related visits and diagnostic services to help ensure that you had access to medical services during this challenging time.

Effective January 1, 2024, the Benefit Funds are reinstating these previously waived member co-pays for COVID-19 related visits and diagnostic services for Plan B Network members:

  • $5/$10 co-pays for office visits (PCPs/specialists)
  • $25 inpatient co-pay

Please remember to show your Health Benefits ID card to your doctor for applicable co-pays.

All eligible Home Attendant and Home Health Aide members receive health coverage through the 1199SEIU Home Care Benefit Fund. Eligible members have a choice of two health plans: Plan A or Plan B.

Plan A: Member Choice Home Care Select Plan

If you select Plan A, our Member Choice Home Care Select plan, you have no co-payments for medical services or covered medications when you use your pre-selected Health Center for primary care.

Find Member Choice Home Care Select Plan A Health Centers

Plan B: Panel Provider Plan

If you select Plan B, our Panel Provider plan, you receive the same quality care — with minimal co-pays for certain services — by choosing participating providers within the Home Care Benefit Fund network.

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