Prescription Benefit for Greater New York Members

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There is no out-of-pocket cost for your prescriptions when you follow the Benefit Fund’s prescription programs:

Think Generics First!

Always ask your doctor to prescribe generic drugs from the Fund’s PDL where possible. The generic drugs listed on the Fund’s PDL have the same effectiveness as the name brands, but they cost much less. Remember, if your doctor prescribes a brand-name even though a generic is available, or a non-covered medication, you will have out-of-pocket costs.

For more information, call (646) 473-9200.

Who Is Eligible?

Eligibility Class I — Family Coverage
Eligibility Class II and III — Not covered for this benefit

Not sure what wage class you are?
Check the front of your Health Benefits ID Card, or click here for an explanation.

Greater New York members employed by New Jersey employers receive healthcare benefits through Aetna. Call (646) 473-9200 for questions about your benefits.

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