Tune in to our new podcast

Health is the key podcastOur new Health Is the Key podcast is dedicated to you, our healthcare workers. Your health and well-being are just as important as that of your patients and residents. When you tune in, you’ll find helpful information from our industry’s leading medical experts, mental health professionals and other health leaders. You’ll hear inspiring success stories from fellow members. You can also learn about the healthy living resources, wellness programs and services the Benefit Fund provides to help support you on your journey. We have an exciting lineup of guests, so keep an ear out for our launch!

Join our host Elizabeth Moore for the conversation!

Here’s a brief excerpt from one of our episodes:

“When it comes to healthy living, most of us know what we should do, but how we make healthier life choices and build new habits may be very different for me than it is for you. So, what we set out to do is offer members options to support the next step in their health journey.”

Dr. Donna Rey, Benefit and Pension Funds Executive Director and CEO

Check out the lineup for our first few episodes:
  • Embrace Your Healthy Living Journey with Dr. Donna Rey, Benefit and Pension Funds Executive Director and CEO 
  • An Insider’s Look at WeightWatchers with WW Coach Angelica McQuade
  • Take a Deep Breath with Dr. Karinn Glover, a leading psychiatrist and mental health consultant
  • Call Your Doctor—Stat! with Dr. Van H. Dunn, Benefit Funds Chief Medical Officer
  • It’s About Community with WW Coach Monika Pierce