Assessment and Consultation Benefit

The Fund has contracted with a local provider to provide assessments and consultations to eligible members who serve as caregivers to an elder in their family and who meet the criteria below.

*Part-time employees are eligible to receive up to 60 percent of the reimbursement benefit.


  • For the purposes of this benefit, the term “elder” is defined as a parent, grandparent or spouse of the member, for whom the member has caregiving responsibilities.
  • The elder does not need to live with the member but must reside in New York City, Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey or Pennsylvania.
  • Assessment/Consultation benefits may be accessed only once per year.

This benefit is designed to help members caring for an elder who is experiencing active psychosocial issues, or who is perceived to need additional services for which the member needs assistance in defining care-plan options. Some examples of psychosocial issues or needs for additional services include, but are not limited to:

  • An inability to manage medication;
  • An inability to understand/coordinate medical appointments;
  • An inability to manage meals or other activities of daily living; or
  • More acute situations, such as a new medical diagnosis, a hospitalization or a change in mental health status.

Emergency Assistance Benefit

  • The benefit is available to eligible members who have an extenuating circumstance, such as an unexpected care need that is not otherwise a covered benefit. 
  • The benefit is available only on the recommendation of the Fund’s Assessment and Consultation provider.
  • To be reimbursed, members must submit proper documentation and receipts to the Fund.

How to Apply for Benefits

Members must receive prior approval before meeting with a care manager for an assessment. To apply, please complete this general enrollment form and email it to [email protected]. To learn more about this benefit, call (646) 473-8330. 

*This benefit is a taxable benefit that can only be used once per benefit year, as available monies allow.