Program and Member Changes Requiring Written Notification

Dropping an Approved Program

You must notify the Child Care Funds (CCF) in writing in order to drop a program for which you have been approved. The CCF will not consider a program officially dropped until a written notice is received. Requests must be made four (4) weeks before a program starts.

  • You are responsible for notifying both the provider and the CCF in writing should you decide to drop a program. If you fail to notify the CCF of your decision to drop a program within the designated time period, you will be held responsible for any co-payments due.
  • If the CCF is not properly notified in writing of your decision within the designated time period, the program will still be reflected on your benefit history, your co-payment may not be refunded and you will be placed at the bottom of the distribution list by Union seniority and benefit history in the following

Requesting Program Changes

You must submit change requests to the CCF in writing. The CCF will not process the change request unless written notification is received. Requests for changes may be emailed to [email protected] Please include your full name and Member ID number.

  • Only one (1) program change is permitted.
  • For programs that require a co-payment, change requests will not be considered if the co-payment is not paid by the deadline. Please refer to page 26 for co-payment due dates.
  • Program changes are only available within the same program type. For example, you may be able to transfer from one summer day camp provider to another summer day camp provider. Changes between two different program types, for example, from a holiday program to a summer day camp, are not permitted.
  • Changes must be requested four (4) weeks before a program starts or before the provider’s stipulated withdrawal deadline, whichever comes first.
  • No change request is guaranteed.
  • All program changes are subject to the availability of monies, program type and individual agreements with the service providers, to accommodate the request.