Loss of Approved Benefits

The following situations can result in a loss of benefits:

Terminations and Layoffs. All benefits will end 30 days after the date of your termination or layoff.

Workers’ Compensation and Disability. Members receiving workers’ compensation or short-term disability will continue their benefits for up to a maximum of 26 weeks. After this point, all Child Care Funds (CCF) benefits will immediately end unless the member has returned to work. The CCF will require documentation from your employer confirming your return to work.

Failure to Make Applicable Co-payments by the Deadline. In order to claim the benefit for which you were approved, you must submit all applicable co-payments by the indicated deadline. If you fail to make your co-payment, your approved benefit will be canceled.

Failure to Submit Required Reimbursement Forms. If you do not return the required reimbursement forms within five (5) days of the due date, the approved reimbursement will be canceled.

Position (Title) Changes. If you transfer to a non-Union position or to an 1199SEIU collective bargaining position that does not contribute to the Child Care Funds, your approved benefits will be cancelled within 30 days.

Employers’ Failure to Make Payments to the Funds. Members will receive a letter from the National Benefit Fund or the Greater New York Benefit Fund informing them of the termination date. All benefits will cease on the termination date indicated in the letter. If your employer makes the necessary payments before the termination date, your benefits will continue without interruption.