Sleep-away camp is an extremely impactful experience for children of all ages. Aside from giving them some much-needed time to unplug from electronics, it offers opportunities and challenges that enhance a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. Campers learn how to work better with others, build meaningful relationships and develop their decision-making skills. In turn, these skills help promote independence and self-confidence.

In response to ASC’s summer 2023 Member Satisfaction Survey:

  • 97 percent of children said they liked or loved their camp experience.
    • When given the opportunity to leave more personalized feedback, members said:
      • “It was a wonderful experience for my son. He loved every second of being there. He can’t wait to go back next year!”
      • “My daughter waits all year for the possibility to be accepted into this program, and it has helped her socially and emotionally. This is her best part of summer.”
      • “My daughter struggles with social anxiety and making new friends. She was very worried and did not want to go to camp. After she arrived, she easily made friends and even asked the camp to send me an email for her to extend her stay. She has already made plans with her fellow campers to return next year for the same session.”
      • “My child is more confident about himself and has no problem making new friends since he has been going to the sleep-away camp … Thank you for helping my two sons be more confident about themselves, learn new skills and improve on any activities they have interest in.”
  • 96 percent of members reported they are likely to apply again.
  • And 97 percent of members said they are likely to recommend the program to another member.