Sandip Ramnarain - WF 2000My experience with the 1199SEIU WorkForce 2000 Pre-RN program has been a transformative journey that has shaped my path toward becoming a Registered Nurse. For anything to be successful, there must be a strong foundation, and the Pre-RN program has been that strong foundation for me. The self-confidence, skill sets and sense of community that this program gave me are the reasons I am a nurse today. I had the privilege of meeting like-minded individuals who shared my passion for nursing.

Together, we formed a network of friends and colleagues who provided invaluable support throughout my journey. While the journey was not without its challenges, these obstacles served as valuable learning opportunities. I learned to manage stress, communicate effectively with colleagues and adapt to the fast-paced nature of healthcare. The program’s emphasis on critical thinking and problemsolving skills proved invaluable, enabling me to make sound decisions in nursing school.

I had the chance to visit various healthcare facilities, gaining exposure to different specialties and healthcare environments. The program included Saturday classes throughout the school year where we had the opportunity to work closely with the Pre-RN coordinators to help really gear us toward a future in nursing. During this time, there were numerous informative guest speakers who taught us about the core of nursing and the constant changes of healthcare. They also educated us on loans, scholarships, college applications, resumes and so much more. I had the opportunity to be involved in health fair presentations and mini-documentaries that really helped me expand my skill set and grow as a student. These experiences broadened my perspective and solidified my passion for nursing.

I am profoundly grateful for the Pre-RN coordinators who played a pivotal role in my journey toward becoming a nurse. The Pre-RN coordinators were not just educators; they were advocates for our success. They always ensured that we had access to the resources and opportunities required for our growth and development as aspiring nurses. They celebrated our achievements and encouraged us to reach our full potential. Their influence will forever shape my approach to nursing and my dedication to helping others as they have helped me. I am blessed to say that I graduated from Molloy University with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in May 2023 and am now a New York State – Certified RN. I owe much success—and am forever grateful— to the Pre-RN program for the strong foundation they laid for me.