Student Spotlight: Anita Dos Santos

Long interested in serving her community through engagement and organizing, recent CUNY Queens College graduate Anita Dos Santos has hit the ground running, landing a position as a Constituent Services Specialist with Churches United for Fair Housing (CUFFH). As a Latin American Studies major, Anita immersed herself in the history of Latin American culture, and worked on food sustainability and community outreach projects. Anita received support from JTSP for all four years of study, which she said was essential to obtaining her degree. “When you’re unable to work as a full-time student, it gives you flexibility, cushion and time to focus on your studies without having to worry about money,” Anita said.

In her work with CUFFH, Anita provides one-on-one support to the New York City immigrant community by educating them about resources and services available to help improve their housing situation. Her long-term goal is to earn an advanced degree in education and social work. She is inspired to continue working in historically underserved communities and empowering them through education and improved financial literacy. Anita’s father, Admilson, echoed her sentiments about the impact of JTSP for their family. “I’m thankful she was able to have the assistance that allowed her to study and support her education,” he said.

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