The Anne Shore Sleep-Away Camp Program Celebrates 40 Years with Farm & Wilderness Camps

Through our camp programs, the 1199SEIU/Employer Child Care Corporation (CCC) has formed many lasting bonds with like-minded organizations that are committed to supporting the education and development of children of 1199SEIU members, through memorable experiences. In the fall of 2018, the CCC celebrated 40 years of collaboration with one of them; the Farm & Wilderness Camps (F&W) in Vermont. At the event, held at Funds Headquarters, alumni and parents of former campers shared personal stories about the impact of their camp experiences. Blake Stewart, an F&W Trustee and parent of two alumni, talked about the positive impact of the camp on his family and expressed “the joy felt in having my two ‘families’ brought together at this event.” CCC Vice President Rossmery Dais and F&W Executive Director Rebecca Geart spoke about the importance of camp and their excitement in seeing this special relationship continue to grow.

F&W camps approach educational exploration and personal development in natural settings that are virtually technology- and electricity-free. Participants escape city life and are immersed in activities such as organic farming, and collaborative arts and music experiences. The true impact of a program is often seen only in hindsight, and staff and participants of the past and present were gratified to reflect on their experiences and see how they all fit into the history of this enduring collaboration.

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