2022 FALC Olympics - Field DayAmong our seven classrooms, FALC Preschool and Pre-K teachers of students ages 2 to 5 spent a month collaborating and planning for an epic outdoor FALC Olympics/Field Day, filled with creative, rigorous gross motor activities and meaningful learning experiences for all FALC children. On Friday, June 17, 2022, teachers brought props, supplies and equipment, such as hula hoops, balls, balance beams, mats and poly spots to transform the tennis courts of St. James Park into a colorful sports arena. This well-orchestrated event was our last center-wide hurrah before the end of the school year.

Each class chose up to two activities to put the children’s skill sets and creativity to the test in a healthy competition in which all were winners! Each class got suited up in bright t-shirts, decorative accessories and/or face paint reflective of a specific color of the rainbow to represent their individual class team. Mr. Kenya kicked off the festivities with a toot of his whistle as teachers did a mock run of the obstacle course, modeling each activity that the children would complete, which were similar to the exercises that they have routinely done in class.

The outdoor experience electrified the staff and children, as they eagerly cheered and laughed while jumping, running and hopping through obstacle courses and using spray bottles in relay races. The staff guided and supported children as they balanced on beams, shot basketballs into a hoop and ran the length of the tennis court. Due to the hot weather, children were given water to stay hydrated and spray bottles to cool off, resulting in some well-received “water spritz fights.” At the closing of the FALC Olympics/Field Day, all of the classrooms joined together to create a grand rainbow portrait and received medals for a job well done. Everyone had an awesome time but were understandably looking forward to returning to the comfort of the air-conditioned Center. This event will surely become a staple of our FALC annual activities based on the successful participation and response.