FALC Pre-K for All CulminationFuture of America Learning Center (FALC) has exposed children to different types of professions and fields of work in their well-prepared learning stations with authentic tools and equipment, in the rich dynamic of their classroom relationships and interactions, and in the thoughtful videos shared by families while “on the job” that inspire, intrigue, challenge and elicit joy and satisfaction. These experiences not only show them that working can be fun and rewarding, but also scaffold their learning and solidify an action plan and goal of “When I Grow Up, I Want to Be…”

On Monday, June 27, 2022, FALC proudly celebrated the highly anticipated culmination for our 60 students of the three Pre-K classrooms, UPK 1, UPK 2 and UPK 3. Children were physically present in the classrooms with their teachers during the procession, while parents, family, guests, FALC preschoolers and other supporters cheered them on from home, school and/or work via Zoom. Children partied in class with their peers and teachers and had an early pick-up to continue their celebration with their families and friends. This was the second FALC culmination presented in a blended way, as we are still navigating the effects of the health crisis with unexpected classroom closures and/or applicable quarantine periods with a reversion to remote learning. Despite this challenge, in every Pre-K classroom, the children were visibly proud, engaged and joyful in their time to shine individually and as a classroom community.

Each classroom’s culmination event included a medley of activities, tributes and slideshows reflecting the school year. Among the Pre-K classrooms, the children presented a lively showcase of song, dance and declaration of their career goals of “When I Grow Up, I Want to Be…” to their families, friends, teachers and 1199SEIU Family of Funds staff. Children and staff supported and encouraged the students who needed a helping hand or further moral support in their presentations. Parents, teachers and leadership expressed warm memories, thoughtful sentiments, positive anecdotes and heartfelt testimonials about their FALC experience and personal aspirations for the children.

In the 2021-2022 school year, our FALC children and staff continued to showcase initiative, compassion, inquisitiveness, preparedness, shared responsibility and, last not but least, resilience. It is a blessing to see, feel and know that FALC has helped nurture seeds of progressive thought and change by making real and solid connections. We are confident that our FALC Scholars have had a strong academic foundation and experience, nurturing socio-emotional support and a substantial value system to soar and achieve their dreams.