WorkForce 2000 Retreat Emphasizes Team Building and Collaborative Learning

On September 28, 59 students from Long Island, New Jersey and all five boroughs of New York City, gathered in Central Park for a daylong retreat to kick off the fall semester of WorkForce 2000 (WF2). Held on New York University’s campus in Manhattan, the WF2 Program provides students ages 14 to 17 with opportunities to focus on personal development and cultivate leadership skills through hands-on work experience and group outings. The retreat helped students sharpen their critical-thinking skills and get to know each other through games and activities geared toward collaborative strategy and team building.

After sign-in and introductions, the group spent the day in the park as retreat facilitators NYC Outward Bound helped them navigate through partnered physical challenges and games that required strategic thinking. A few alumni even stopped by to help with the activities and shared some of the benefits of their own WF2 experience.

Students graduate from the WF2 Program with tools that prepare them for a wide range of careers in the healthcare industry. The 2020 WF2 Program will begin in July, followed by classes on select Saturdays beginning in September.

Give Your Child an Unforgettable Experience

The Anne Shore Sleep-Away Camp Program allows eligible children between the ages of nine (9) and fifteen (15) to attend two- to four-week summer sleep-away camps located along the East Coast.

Student Spotlight: Kimberly Amazan

Kimberly has participated in Child Care Funds youth programs for most of her life, but her two years in the WorkForce 2000 Program have been the most impactful.

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