National Student Clearinghouse Enrollment Verification Instructions

The National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) provides verification of student enrollment. Verifying your enrollment is a critical step in the application process. The certificate that the NSC provides is an acceptable form of verification, in place of the Letter of Attendance that our program requires from applicants. You will need a debit or credit card to obtain the certificate. The NSC charges $2.50 for enrollment certification.

If you would like to use this service, please follow the directions below. It is important to note that not all colleges and universities participate in the NSC service. If you are unable to obtain enrollment verification through NSC, you may obtain an original Letter of Attendance from your school’s Registrar’s office or portal website, at no charge. The enrollment verification certificate must be dated after the student’s first day of classes, and confirm that he/she is enrolled full time (a minimum of 12 credits). Please make sure that start and end dates for the current term are included on the enrollment verification.

To obtain your NSC certificate, please go to:


  1. Click on the “Order-Track-Verify” tab
  2. Click on “Verify Degrees, Enrollment & Certification”
  3. Click on the “Verify Now!” button
  4. Complete the “Verification Services” section.
  5. Select the type of verification by:
    • Checking the box that states “Current Enrollment (within the past 18 months)”
      • Entering the student’s school name. If your school does not appear, click on “School Keyword Search”
    • Checking the box “Dates of Attendance (for someone who has NOT received a degree)”
      • Entering the student’s school name. If the school’s name does not appear, click on “School Keyword Search”
    • Entering the student’s first and last names (the names you use at your college)
    • Entering the student’s date of birth
    • Clicking on “Submit”
  6. Provide your payment information and select “Submit.” The NSC will only charge you if it can verify your enrollment.
  7. Once the certificate appears on your screen, click the link on the upper right side of the page to open the certificate in PDF format.
  8. Save the PDF file to your computer.
  9. Email the enrollment verification certificate to [email protected].