About the Anne Shore Sleep-Away Summer Camp Benefit

1) Apply for the Benefit by January 31, 2020

Apply for the Anne Shore Sleep-Away Camp Program.

You will be asked to select four (4) different camp session preferences for your child.

Begin by reviewing and researching our camp providers listed within the Anne Shore 2020 Participating Camp Providers List. Each provider’s camp is very unique, just like your child!

2) Camp Placement

The Anne Shore Sleep-Away Camp Program benefit is distributed based on members’ benefit history and seniority within the union. Only one (1) child per family may be accepted, with priority given to new members (i.e., first-time applicants without an Anne Shore benefit history). When space and budget permit, additional children from a family will be given the opportunity to participate.

Based upon your preferences and the number of available spaces at each camp, Child Care Corporation staff will place your child with an Anne Shore camp provider. In March, you will be notified of your child’s placement by both email and letter.

3) Enroll With Your Child's Assigned Camp Provider

Each camp provider has important next steps that must be taken prior to the start of camp. Once notified of your child’s camp placement, you must immediately contact your assigned camp provider and complete their enrollment process.

4) Submit The Administrative Fee

A $50.00 per child administrative fee is required to secure your benefit. Be sure to make the payment by the deadline that is indicated within the camp placement notification email/letter that you receive in March.

The $50.00 administrative fee is refundable, but only if you drop your Anne Shore benefit by Friday, May 29, 2020.

5) Attend The Camp Program

Your child attends his or her assigned camp program. Participating families tell us that they have an amazing experience!

6) After Camp

Once camp has finished, we ask that you complete an online survey, telling us about your child’s experience at camp.

As per the International Revenue Service, this is a taxable benefit. In January/February of the following year, you will receive a Form W-2 for the amount of tuition that the Anne Shore Sleep-Away Camp Program paid on your behalf.


Apply for the 2020 Camp Program

Apply online through January 31, 2020.


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