Joseph Tauber Scholarship Program Helps Make Dreams Come True

A college education can be the key to career success, but growing financial costs can make it an expensive and often burdensome venture. The Joseph Tauber Scholarship Program (JTSP), funded by the 1199SEIU National Benefit Fund and administered by the 1199SEIU Child Care Corporation, works to ease the financial pressure on 1199SEIU members who want to send their children to college. Financial awards vary based on need, and can help students with tuition, books and other expenses that can arise when pursuing a college degree. More than 8,000 students have been assisted by JTSP, and have graduated from programs at Cornell University, Howard University, SUNY Binghamton and Columbia University.

Give Your Child an Unforgettable Experience

The Anne Shore Sleep-Away Camp Program allows eligible children between the ages of nine (9) and fifteen (15) to attend two- to four-week summer sleep-away camps located along the East Coast.

Student Spotlight: Kimberly Amazan

Kimberly has participated in Child Care Funds youth programs for most of her life, but her two years in the WorkForce 2000 Program have been the most impactful.

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