FALC Pre-K for All CulminationOn Friday, June 23, 2023, the Future of America Learning Center (FALC) proudly celebrated the highly anticipated graduation of 45 students among our three pre-K classrooms with an in-person event on site.

Each classroom’s presentation included a medley of rich activities, profound tributes and expressive slideshows reflective of the school year.

Among the pre-K classrooms, the children presented a lively showcase of song, dance and declaration of their career goals of “When I Grow Up, I Want to Be…” while being cheered on by supportive families, friends, teachers and 1199SEIU Child Care Funds staff.

Parent representatives, teachers and leadership expressed warm memories, thoughtful sentiments, positive anecdotes and heartfelt testimonials about their FALC experience and personal aspirations for the children.

The children were visibly proud, engaged and joyful in their time to shine individually and as a classroom community.

We are confident that our FALC scholars, our rising kindergartners, have a strong academic foundation, nurturing socio-emotional support and substantial value system to soar and achieve their self-proclaimed dreams.