Online Financial Health Series

Did you know that worrying about money can affect your physical health? To help you take control of your financial health, your Benefit Fund has worked with Mobility Capital Finance (MoCaFi) to offer you a free online series—designed specifically for 1199SEIU members—that offers real-world information and strategies.

The series gives you access to online presentations led by financial expert and CNN contributor Ryan C. Mack, MoCaFi’s Chief Literacy Officer from the comfort of your home. You can view the series’ four webinars below, complete surveys to offer feedback and suggest topics for future presentations.

Ryan Mack

Meet the Financial Expert, Ryan C. Mack

Ryan C. Mack, Chief Literacy Officer at Mobility Capital Finance (MoCaFi) and a regular contributor to CNN’s financial coverage, is the author of Living in the Village: Build Your Financial Future and Strengthen Your Community.


The Detroit native has always believed in giving back to the community, and said he found the perfect fit with the Benefit Fund and MoCaFi. “What drew me to 1199SEIU and the Benefit Fund was the environment,” Ryan said. “There’s a commitment to the membership that says, ‘We’re here to help you,’ and then surrounds them with resources.”

View the Online Financial Health Videos

It’s All in Your Mind

Understanding your money mind-set

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The Importance of Credit

How to use it, not abuse it

Watch Session One: Archived Webinar

Watch Session Two: Archived Webinar

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Working Toward Retirement


“I learned so much! Ryan Mack was professional and explained everything clearly. He’s the kind of person you can easily speak to and who truly listens. I’ve told my co-workers about the workshop and encouraged them to sign up. I’ve already registered for the next series of sessions.”


Medical Secretary

“I would like to become a homeowner in the near future, and Ryan Mack gave a very good presentation with practical tips about how to save money. I also liked how he talked about the importance of believing in yourself and taking a more positive approach to life.”


Patient Care Technician